April 27, 2010

Dutch oven cooking - good comfort food "to the campfire

who loves you not eat?" If you said you don't then you lügst. We can not love what certain foods to our body, but that doesn't mean you not love food. I love it whenever I radiates the cooking and aromas of spices and mixture of odours by the House. Or if the cooking just fills desserts you make sweet smell of chocolate, fruit or whatever it is, the whole House.

Cooking is one of my favorite things to do. I love the situation new recipes try out whether it is starter, a main dish or a dessert. Desserts are my absolute favourite. My family called me the "Betty Crocker" of the family. It is this first Bissen always fun to watch and listen, my friends and family as they, I made just for them. This is in all hopes you enjoy the taste of food.

One is the easiest way and not stressig way of cooking Dutch oven cooking. Stick pretty much everything in the pan set him on fire for a while, and the food is all ready. And it is only about Dutch oven cooking, that is to tröstlich. Here I have on a few simple recipes, which as a tradition Zeltlagern wait for my family and friends stretched in expectation when I the big pot from the fire must get. Now mind you, I don't really follow a set recipe. I make everything according to taste and as I feel that, do you, Creamy chicken like curry piece parts 4-8 chicken 1 can cream of mushroom soup 1 cup curdled cream curry powder (shake itself in your desired flavour) 1 yellow onion thin geschnittener ham potatoes winding the ham to the chicken and place in the Dutch oven. Cut onion and potatoes, and place some chicken. Mix the soup acid cream, Curry and other spices to in a bowl Add. The mixture over the chicken. Cover and put the fire for 45 minutes. If you want, you can other vegetables.

Dessert I can peach Schuster simply. You must do this 2 cans of peach pie filling, yellow Kuchenteig is dump and to do 12 ounces. can the sprite in the Dutch oven cook mix ingredients together and it for 45 minutes also. You can with cream or ice depending on whether or not you have used a freezer in the camping.

If you are camping?

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