April 23, 2010

As season a Dutch oven

There are a handful of reasons need to a Dutch season oven before starting to cook it: < br > < li > forms a non interface on the pot. < / li > < li > it makes it easier to clean < / li > < li > extended the lifetime of the pot. < / li > < / ul > traditional Dutch ovens are cast iron and often are new with a thin wax and mineral oil feed to protect the pot against rust. This structure must be cleaned from the oven before the procedure starts spice. Remove the wax can be done with very hot water, SOAP and some steel wool.

At the beginning of the ripening process you must the lid and heat first pot. When it is heated are coated pot and cover with a thin layer grease onto the inner surface. The reduction is tend to be most effective.

Then take heat your pot at a temperature of at least two hundred degrees Celsius. Next you set to Dutch oven upside down on the grill with a tray catch oil from speed below the melting temperature. Let the pot "Cook" like this, for two hours. Turn at the end of 2 hours, turn off the oven and the to cool where Dutch oven. As soon as it cooled and back to room temperature take it on the same bold coating and warming. This process should be done, three times. More than ever it is sleeker of Dutch oven fired surface.

If your furnace is tiny or fit for this activity, do the same process over an open fire or Grill. The only drawback of this plan would ensure that rotate the pot so evenly heated. This process should also always the pot from grill, but if rusts in some occur you simply comb which take parts of the Pan and dealing with the lard and heating process as necessary.

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