January 28, 2010

Dutch Ovens

Here’s the apportion: Wikipedia articulates that dutch ovens are used for slow-cooking things. Fountainhead, I mean value, why don’t you just cook things fast, using a MICROWAVE. You are able to say all you want about casseroles and pot-roasts, but what I really look forrad to upon a Saturday afternoon is baby-sitting down to some dependable ol’ Pizza Pops. You can’t cook Pizza Pops with a dutch oven. At least, I don’t think you can. (Comment if you know how, because I’d equal to examine that.) I’ve never used a dutch oven, however, I believe that my mother has numerous times. I’m not about to badmouth her cooking, because, well, she reads what I write. I mean, ergh, I couldn’t badmouth it even if she didn’t read this. The stuff she cooks with her dutch oven is delicious, but I mean, really, I could go without it. I could eat Kraft Dinner and spaghetti for the rest of crumbs life sentence, as long as I had two Pizza Pops every weekend on my regular Saturday time. Like, her pot-roast is amazing, and I’m sure if I liked casseroles, her’s would taste delicious. But I just figure, I could cook my ouch… Buckeye State MY cor blimey. Postponement. I TAKE THAT ALL BACK.

So, I’ve just realized that she cooks her Greek Lemon Ribs in a dutch oven*. So, I take everything back. I love dutch ovens. They are dumbfounding, because of those lemon tree makes fun. I know that you’re seance there thinking, “intimately, she varied her listen fast.” Good, you patently experience never savoured my fathers lemon ribs. These things are the most confining you can get to heaven during land. No prevarication. I don’t lie. Ever. Especially when it comes in to my mother’s lemon ribs. Dutch ovens, although they birth a stupid person constitute, are probably peerless of the most beneficial cooking utensils ever created. And consorting to Wikipedia, Mr. Abraham Darby is to thank for this bonny matter.

I love everything about dutch ovens… except for one thing. They have a stupid name. I think it’s ridiculous to describe anything after a country. I hateful, sure, you may have developed/fictional/chanced on it, but it’s not corresponding it BELONGS to you. If it doesn’t consist to you, do not name it afterward you. It’s like, sure, when I actualise my ambition by having my own town, I’m going to name it Jacqueline-ville, but that’s because I’m going to OWN it. I’m not just going to arrive at something and so name it after myself even though the balance by the world is going to use it. That is my opinion, you can fight it if you want, but you’re never going to change it. No matter how stubborn I’m being.

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