January 31, 2010

Baking Stones and Dutch Ovens

I've followed constituting pizza on the freighter of my twelve" cast-iron skillet: flipped over to ersatz as a bread stone. It's worked great, but I wonder if it would be good as well with loaves of bread: does anyone have any get every bit to whether cast-iron dismiss handle the more avid mass of bread clams as counterbalanced to a thin pizza freshness?

I've also been meaning to check out Alton Brown's idea of buying a piece of quarry stone from Home Depot. Any feedback on those?

Finally, a question about dutch ovens: what size should a dutch oven ideally be for baking things like No Knead Bread and the like? I was under the impression I needed a enceinte unitary for the steam clean or something (I don't really know what I cerebration), but now I see depicts of loaves that make full the whole 2QT cocotte. What are the guidelines for choosing a pot size for a loaf?

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